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Roofers Choice is a multi layer laminate film composite made of polyolefin
materials, resulting in a pitched roof underlay that has high vapour permeability but is also highly water resistant.
Roofers Choice is suitable for both Commercial and Domestic buildings, it is the ideal roof underlay for Warm and Cold Pitched Roof
Manufactured without the use of CFC’s Roofers Choice is 100% recyclable and is very durable with high tensile and nail tear strength properties. These, coupled with excellent UV and heat stability properties ensure a life-span in excess of 30 years.
Roofers Choice membrane has recieved BBA Approval and complies with BS5534: 2014 Code of Practice for slating and tiling for pitched roofs.
Recommendations for the use of vapour permeable membranes in pitched roofs are contained in BS 5250 : 2002 ‘Code of practice for control of condensation in buildings’.
Roof Space Ventilation
The NHBC require that for all New Build Homes, ridge or high level ventilation is installed when a vapour permeable membrane such as
is used.

Roof Space Ventilation is not required for other warm or cold pitch roofs but ridge or high level ventilation for tight fitting tiles and slates will assist any moisture vapour to disperse more easily when air temperatures are very low.

Technical Data:
Property Units Value
Weight g/m² 122
Water Vapour Resistance Sd (M)
Water Vapour Transmission g/m²/24 hr 1065
Fire Rating - EN13501-1
Exposure Times UV Degradation - 3 months

Product Data
Roll Width
(linear metres)
1.0 1.0 1.5
Roll Length
(linear metres)
45 50 50
Coverage/roll/m² 45 50 75
Roll weight/kgs 5.5 6.1 9.15
Rolls/pallet 56 56 63
Quality Assurance
BS5534: Anex A
Wind Uplift Resistance

Vapr-free has been approved by the BRE for use in:
Zones: 1-3 with Battened Lap
Zones: 1-5 with Taped Lap
Zones: 1-5 with Integral Taped Lap
(see zone map below)

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